Product Studios

The Product Studio is a division of Sourcebits that works to back startups who have a potential blockbuster product. For the right startup and idea, Sourcebits will engage in a partnership with the founding team. Under this model, Sourcebits doesn't stop at just building amazing products — it helps build companies


The Product Studio Accepts Only 9 Projects Per Year

Selected Products


Chocolate Chip UI

Smart Brush

Never Ever


Available - 4 Slots


Product Studios Advantage

Sourcebits goes beyond traditional services by partnering with you to provide a world-class team that specializes in:


  • User Experience Design
  • Engineering
  • Agile Methodology
  • QA & Support

User Acquisition & Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Research

Venture Funding Assistance

  • Raising Capital
  • Networking

Sourcebits has launched over 100 successful products.


It starts with The Discovery Workshop

To begin the Sourcebits Product Studios process, the founding team will participate in a $25,000 product consultation workshop with Sourcebits. Those funds will go towards the completed product.

What it includes:


The Evaluation

After Completing the Discovery Workshop, the participating group must decide on the following

Disruptive Idea

A truly innovative, market-ready idea has been crafted. A solid direction has been set.

Cohesive Team

The founding team and Sourcebits make a good fit as a team. This is critical to the product's success.

20% Equity

Sourcebits Product Studios get 20% Co-Founder equity in the startup in exchange for working at-cost and supporting every step of the business.

Would You Like Your Next Product to be a Blockbuster?

Typical Product Studios take at least $200,000 of at-cost work by Sourcebits, paid by the startup. Contact us to get started


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