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Since Google released the Android OS in November 2007, adoption has been on the rise. The Android platform dominates the global Smartphone market, with 79% of the global share. It’s the largest and fastest growing mobile platform, especially as the high cost of the iPhone prices it out of much of the world market.

The Google Play app store represents a tremendous opportunity for Android developers, businesses and individuals to create mobile apps for Android, from games to productivity to entertainment and more.









Global Smartphone Operating System Marketshare %

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MOBEAM for Android. Samsung's mobile wallet, a place for your discounts and loyalty cards. Posterous. Content sharing app for Android. Built by Sourcebits, acquired by Twitter. Dhingana for Android and iOS. A free online music solution for millions. #1 most popular paid app in India. Bobsled for Android. #1 social networking App in 22 countries.

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